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Linan filial piety culture and cultural auditorium perfect combination

Date: 2014-12-16

Filial piety school is given priority to with filial piety etiquette teaching, experience farming culture is complementary, to carry out study activities, through the teaching system, experience, let the students all-round understanding, learning, and master the essence of Chinese traditional culture.Relying on Yang Xi village of filial piety culture, the cultural hall, rankian ancestral temple, farming experience park and tourism resources, rich cultural resources, including specific content classes recitation disciple rules, learn filial piety etiquette, experience the traditional farming culture, weave sandals and fields, worship offering shi-zhong han tomb, etc., and assignments for a day's experience, write a letter of filial piety.
A feudalism-oriented school "is Lin an city tourism bureau launched a new tourism product, is the linan tourism in tourism actively explore and develop new formats.
The "filial piety school" activities, relying on the inherent Yang Xi village cultural resources and tourism resources, blend in element of tourism products, resources, it solidifies into a fresh travel products, can for tourists experience and spiritual benefit, and in one thousand, an ancient village and the cultural hall also to glow the new vitality, this is sufficient for investigation, research and analysis of the tourism market.The traditional tourism attraction is falling, how to innovative ideas, develop attractive and innovative new tourism product, in tourism actively explore new forms, is a test of the present tourism people and challenges, is also a new development opportunity.Linan travel the full assessment of market, the development trend of tourism and tourist consumption psychology, take advantage of the inherent culture, developed a feudalism-oriented school ", the activities of the school is not busy, it will be a normal activities on a regular basis, except for teens and receive individual clients will also expand the parent-child activities, parents and children to go to the school, bathed with the glory of the traditional culture, hands holding hands and journey to experience different culture and soul baptism.