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Enterprise culture

"Jun to hotel group" stock in wuxi hubin hotel, in the early 1970 s, it started to hotel management, become wuxi reception foreign guests one of the main window. Founded in 1995, the hotel group - wuxi lakeside group co., LTD., began to collectivize management, is the only one in wuxi, a professional hotel group company. After 30 years of development, the group gradually formed a "sincere, to good, to beauty" as the core enterprise culture, cultivate a large number of professional, high quality high star-rated hotel staff team, in wuxi and east area formed higher market visibility and reputation.

Social responsibility

Enterprise mission and values

Enterprise target: keep in southern jiangsu hotel enterprise leading position, and China's best hotel enterprise brand;

Enterprise image: the lake be reluctant to part I hope you come,

Service tenet: sincere, to good, to beauty.

Enterprise management principle: equal respect, precious free, green environmental protection.

Law-abiding business, shall pay taxes according to law

The enterprise by the good faith as the principle, in accordance with law, tax declaration, declare, should pay all pay, full specified amount tax, to establish the harmonious relationship between publicans. Group in engineering strictly carry out the recruit cast method, "in and construction unit of the contract also signed the agreement of a clean and honest administration", "security agreement. Group to the management of business bribes as the key point, advancing the party construction of a clean and honest administration, formulate the detailed rules for the implementation of the party construction of a clean and honest administration responsibility system "; Set up employee suggestion box; Perfect group purchase center standard; Ensure that infrastructure project discipline phenomenon as "zero".

Honesty culture and harmonious enterprise

The group to express and maintain broad worker interests as a working first-hand grasp, for the worker to do good, does the practical work, the enterprise's care to employees' hearts, fully embodies the enterprise the warmth of family. Enterprise for the worker issued winter coat; Organizes 40 years old medical worker; Every year organization has married female worker health check; Improve worker restaurants and dormitory environment; For the needy issue subsidy; High temperature season every year for high temperature position worker issue cold drinks, etc.

Group always adhere to the people-oriented, embodied humanistic care, pay attention to the social vulnerable groups of rescue work, every year overfulfil to donate blood to task; Organizes the "one day to donate," "humanitarian ten thousand people donate" and other activities; In order to help the sichuan wenchuan affected compatriots rebuild their homes, the group a total of more than 650000 yuan donation; And difficult village antithetical couplet, in the enterprise and build up, solidarity, mutual assistance and good fashion.

The green environmental protection and sustainable development

The group to seek the sustainable development as the prerequisite, and pay attention to environmental protection, the enterprise in the production and operation, follow the principle of clean production, and at the same time, undertake to the periphery environment of responsibility to protect.

Hubin hotel and taihu hotel in succession development "gold leaf stage" green hotel create activities; In the face of blue-green algae bloom in taihu outbreak, according to "6699" program of action group each enterprises cut pollution emission regulation work; In addition, taihu hotel villa area of hot water system for energy-saving transformation, the staff bathroom with a intelligent magnetic card system, improve the regional water and steam flow measurement equipment.