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luliuscore:5.0 / 52018-05-27

Very nice hotel
jeannescore:5.0 / 52018-05-27

I read reviews I have chosen here, turns out to be a very good choice. the hotel and the integrated environment of wuli, stretch early in the window, baby from MOM and dad to go in a circle, are worth trips with choice hotels ... highly recommend and come again.
e02131190score:3.8 / 52018-05-27

Hotel peripheral environment really of good, room also also will, but meal on really of can't compliment has, breakfast on not on has, was eat how many, noon points has steak, is said to have is they hotel best of Australia imports steak, but that which called steak Ah, eat has a a unit cannot speech of smell on out has, good's, also on forget, see this disc meaning surface, really wants to said is meaning surface did? meaning surface can made such did?
e00086233score:3.8 / 52018-05-26

In addition to the road a little further away, the food and the price a little expensive, others can be.
fiyu1score:5.0 / 52018-05-26

Is said to have been promoted Deluxe Lake view, floors 23 high, so Li Yuan, panoramic view of Lake, a praise. early-before doing a smoke-free, after entering the room, call room is smelly, change rooms, the second like; then asked when convenient to do smoke-free processing. full customer service in place, and the third a praise.
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