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"Jun to hotel group" stock in wuxi hubin hotel, in the early 1970 s, it started to hotel management, become wuxi reception foreign guests one of the main window. Founded in 1995, the hotel group - wuxi lakeside group co., LTD., began to collectivize management. After 30 years of development, the group gradually formed a "sincere, to good, to beauty" as the core enterprise culture, cultivate a large number of professional, high quality high star-rated hotel staff team, in wuxi and east area formed higher market visibility and reputation.

On September 1, 2006, "wuxi lakeside group co., LTD." officially changed its name to "wuxi jun to hotel management group co., LTD." (hereinafter referred to as "jun to hotel group"), "king" from the famous painting and calligraphy master wu guanzhong designed for the group's inscription: "the lake be reluctant to part I hope you", fully reflects the enterprise

"In accordance with the water and house" environment, "enough to give comfort" service, "guests supreme" concept.

Member unit

无锡湖滨饭店       Wuxi Juna Hubin Hotel

无锡太湖饭店       Wuxi Juna Taihu Hotel

无锡君来洲际酒店   Wuxi Juna InterContinental Hotel

无锡君来世尊酒店   Worldhotel Grand Juna Wuxi

无锡梁溪饭店       Wuxi Juna Liangxi Hotel

无锡市人民大会堂   Wuxi Great Hall of the People

无锡太湖珍宝舫     Wuxi Juna Lake Tai Jumbo

无锡君来广场       Wuxi Juna Plaza

Hotel Tel

Wuxi Juna Hubin Hotel                                 Wuxi Juna Taihu Hotel
TEL:(86 510)8510 1888                             TEL:(86 510)8511 7888
FAX:(86 510)8510 2637                             FAX:(86 510)8511 2771

Wuxi Juna InterContinental Hotel              Worldhotel Grand Juna Wuxi
TEL:(86 510)8505 2905                             TEL:(86 510)8528 5888
FAX:(86 510)8505 0126                             FAX:(86 510)8528 5777

Wuxi Juna Liangxi Hotel                              Wuxi Great Hall of the People
TEL:(86 510)8868 3888                             TEL:(86 510)8503 3677
FAX:(86 510)8868 3690                             FAX:(86 510)8503 1155

Wuxi Juna Lake Tai Jumbo                          Wuxi Juna Plaza
TEL:(86 510)8510 1888                             TEL:(86 510)8118 5996
FAX:(86 510)8510 2637                             FAX:(86 510)8118 5992