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The Wuxi Hubin Hotel (Wuxi Hubin Fandian) is located in the center of Taihu Scenic Area. Guests will find Tai Lake, Li Garden and Turtle Head Isle within walking distance to this Wuxi hotel.

From each of the cozy rooms, guests can take in views of the lake. Rooms are also appointed with Internet access and safes.

For dining, the hotel serves local dishes made of fresh fish from the lake and Western cuisine.

Business guests can use the meeting facilities and business center for professional matters.

When it comes time to relax, guests at this Wuxi hotel can get a massage.[View Detail]
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    Hotel location better, since driving compared convenient, from room landing window see to is Taihu Lake and Shui Shangmo days round, special to has night, Ferris round of colorful lights particularly dazzling, lying in bed Shang comfort of enjoy this copies quiet of feel also good! hotel service personnel attitude also is enthusiasm, registration staying also soon, buffet price in five-star hotel in is price is high has! anyway experience down is perfect!
  • undercover0706
    Heard that used to be the reception's dedicated hotel. the Lake we view Spa room, surrounded by large glass around, quite comfortable, very value! is next to Li Yuan, want the Lake to walk a few minutes. Hotel Jin Yuan restaurant is good, you can eat authentic Wuxi serving food, prices are more affordable. all in all very nice stay, seriously recommend!
  • guoxingjie
    Which is very nice
  • feman1213
    Although five-star, can room good small, old, bed good small, facilities also compared old. even 4 star are compared barely, this room corresponds to we live of price your has! window not towards Taihu Lake, nothing landscape, feel is are bad. live of is impression also useless, bathtub plug is bad of. big summer quilt old thick, cover has hot not cover air conditioning and somewhat cold, Halo. veteran five-star of first times experience failed!
  • mango20
    Very good hotel.
  • May8908
    Week five staying hotel, directly arrangements has 18 floor of Lake King big bed. are on with Lake, left side is Ferris round, right hand side is lihu Lake Park, views Super beauty. room as other guest said, open has air conditioning than not open also hot, given zhiqian to other hotel has had painful of experience, this in sleep Qian specially shouted to has waiter, recommends we put air conditioning shut has, put balcony door open (only a article sewing) ventilation. baby also is is hot, but at least didn't toss, lucky. bathroom Taiwan basin ofTaps seems somewhat small problem, open Hou special easy splash water to body, feel is pick wrong has model and brand. second genius found, toilet side Shang no clean of is clean, has zhiqian guest left of stains, had to with wet towel himself processing Xia. breakfast compared General, but WINS in price not your, per person 60 than other five-star to cheap many. waiter attitude is good, especially elevator mouth of several girl. dinner in Chinese Office with, service also is enthusiasm. Special to thanksA female manager, after hearing me white shrimp fresh, vegetables are older, make up the time. checkout girl or intimate of which my group will be better ... next time will come. The other, the hotel's children's Park in a corner of the lobby of the old building, very domineering, baby had a good time.
  • barbie9
    Hotel location is very good, facilities are full, but the old hotel. West Wing, felt furniture garage conversion, room wardrobe door scoops, room decoration and configure no more than 4 star.
  • e01578217
    Facilities, pool nice, staff were friendly, is already the second stay, also very convenient travel, attractions tickets, as well, it is worth staying
  • lena8125
    Hotel location is very good, rooms facing the lihu Lake Park, the scenery is very beautiful, seductive. alongside a Ferris wheel to play., breakfast great. facilities useful. health is also very good, no bad smell. for business, sightseeing, good choice. have a chance to live.
    Hotels in the Lake, the surrounding environment, is the old rooms facilities, price is bad.!
  • baolie2008
    Hotel is nice, room is too small
  • billie11503
    Nice hotel, good service, next time will stay!
  • roman2001
    Is a little to Nice
  • e00913597
    Advantages; standard Lake King big bed room, looked out of views is good, bed also comfortable, towel soft soft of. safe operation simple easy. corner in plug has liquid electric mosquito, so no mosquito intrusion. pool is added points, facilities good, out of hotel left turn a minutes in camphor Park Club a floor by room card in. staff are is has efficiency, has problem immediately can solution. stay guest to Ferris round words, can contact security Pavilion of staff, has path direct. Disadvantages;Barrel is not working, it does not go down, I do not know if only my room had this problem? not fresh air conditioning blowing out air, so turn off to sleep at night. Apart Hotel there is no hotel or nearby convenience store, recent initial costs to Vientiane City, green tea peach parallel imports are delicious. Overall was satisfied, after all, the mountain where there is water now is less.
  • ly653
    Great location, room very good, restaurant food was fine authentic. service is OK.
  • gavin5205
    All right
  • colaprince
    Hotel of location is good, in Taihu Lake side Shang, and Wuxi famous of lihu Lake Park separated by a live of is new floor Lake King room views does good, hotel outside has several tree ancient tree also is rare, because is off-season, hotel guest not is more, feel service is good, see of out on employees of training also is compared in place of. rooms daily sent of newspaper by waiter tips for avoid ink are after has ironing. each took taxi Guard will to a wrote has car, of small card, tips don't put realFalling on the car, these are very intimate, very commendable. hotel is a few minutes walk you can take a bus, a taxi is easy. There's no restaurant, hotel restaurant prices also said in the past, after all, is a five-star hotel, taste. breakfast is hearty.
  • Neilting
    All right
  • absavi
    Nice, see lihu Lake and lake views, room amenities also, mainly more than superior room large spacious and looked comfortable.
  • ourbread
    Good management and facilities are also perfect for that room was a bit old estimate made for a long time the lihu Lake is close to the eye on the side
  • celialjs
    Service is good, the environment is also good
  • d71001bc
    Oldest five-star hotel
  • davidsally
    Good peripheral environment, excellent service, hardware is old, the room was small.
  • sonmin
    Environment should be the best, rich in recreational activities
  • gamasu
    Hotel is great, close to Li Hu, surrounded by quiet, out of convenience, but the hotel facilities, far from five-star standard of service, especially the breakfast people, and, rarely, rarely, is a bit deceptive, very disappointed, I'm sorry the price.
  • liudan0088
    Free upgrade to Executive room, very good location, very close to Li Yuan, and doors can be star of Taihu Lake amusement park service personnel and the environment are also very good
  • laura_725
    Beautiful environment, clean rooms, great for business talks, home travel preferred
  • msuntao
    Hotel service is absolutely worthy of five-star level, Yes, opportunity will come again!
  • Fiona_Wong
    Set of is senior Lake King big bed room, may is we to of late has, also may holiday people compared more, check in of when told room also didn't clean good, and no even in with of room has. first to room room put luggage, see so-called of big bed room is two a single bed merged in with, two a bed level also not as, OK has provides baby bed, or baby sleep cutting sleep cutting estimated to off down has. this not is satisfaction. room outside has a big balcony, landscapeWell, if the weather is hot drink tea on the balcony and see view blowing pretty good.
  • reneeyee
    Very good hotel, breakfast variety are many in yuantouzhu, convenient
  • miebinglong
    Beautiful surrounding, beautiful pattern ... very good
  • fdwufei
    A very good environment, good lagoon view, breakfast and service was good.
  • anna_sweet
    Originally to zhiqian on hotel reported of attitude General, but to has that found really good, staying of is new floor! to has 17 layer of luxury Lake King room, directly face Lake King, really of is beautiful! room within daily are put has welcome bin fruit, good, and is fresh! clean added supplies also is timely! national day Hotel people many, but service, management also is can of! in Chinese Office eat has a meal, think price, taste are is good. away from all attractions also are not far, is convenient, nextOpportunities also will choose this hotel! the only thing is the breakfast variety and the taste is not quite five-star need to be strengthened!
  • ellen119
    Hotel Nice, is the toilet water is too slow.
  • e00595739
    A beautiful environment, complete facilities, the waiter prepared fruit every evening is thoughtful and meticulous.
  • super3000
    A very good environment, toilet is not so good
  • finders1224
    Lake view fantastic! glance Lake landscapes! this room in the future, service was very good, very clean!
  • ericgong1985
    Hotel General, evening restaurant for a few things, argument is sophistry
  • jerry2236
  • jenny03
    Beds very comfortable, buffet variety pretty much tastes good
  • coolbela
    Don't live on the 4 floor of room, closed ventilation, also posted false views, and 1400 housing extremely inconsistent. rooms musty, like guest houses
  • a1001582
    Room clean, Cup those are no dirt. hotel views is good, has article shortcuts to amusement park, is convenient. Ferris round of night also is good. breakfast very of big, so low of price eat to value of breakfast very satisfaction. restaurant service personnel attitude is good, very patience. ointment; let rooms service sent has a package health towel, daily to 30 yuan, second days live Hilton found night with but 25. also is will recommended to friends
  • coverstar110
    That's good
  • jiongangel
    Hotel environment is very, very quiet ... from the three kingdoms outlaws of the Marsh is close to the city, but far from the city center, such as driving, little influence! cost-effective, highly recommended!
  • wu_linda2008
    Nice hotel with good location. Services. next meal is OK. it's late set price is deceptive. 18,001 night
  • drtu273
    Good beautiful facilities very good good good and convenient transportation, close to park near the Taihu Lake near downtown
    The taste of water
  • amandaRR
    Very good hotel, next time, and continue to live it!
  • denise_yan
    Good service, Nice location, nice scenery, recommended.
  • djf8002
    Bathroom shower rain a bit small room (standard room) less. because it is Spring Festival season, the price is not cheap. but the hotel service was excellent value, to see with children, take the initiative to send kids slippers and toothbrushes, also fruit gift. hotels as well, Li Hu views can, next door is a paradise for kids holiday