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Wuxi Hubin Hotel is Located in the Lihu Lake scenic area in Jiangsu province, belonging to Juna Hotels Management Group Co. Ltd. , Wuxi Juna Hubin hotel is a magnificent, patchwork, leisure and business meeting hotel , which covers an area of extensive monopoly of Lihu Lake landscape attraction .
Wuxi Juna Hubin Hotel is located in Lihu Lake scenic area , besides mountain and river , boasts the beautiful and green environment.  More>>

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  • montaray
    Nice hotel, you can also. good hotel, you can also. good hotel, you can also. good hotel, you can also. good hotel, you can also.
  • luxiyuan
    Hotels near lihu Lake, ten minutes ' walk to Liyuan. hotel rooms are spacious and clean, facilities are new, bathroom good, live very comfortable. breakfast 601, very rich, a two-story dining ... the only downside is the room bathroom and bedroom separated by two off of frosted glass Windows, sleep enough light insulation.
  • e03793119
    Surroundings have no say ... from the several attractions are also close. the service is really good. so the staff feel good. but the room is too small. we are lake view. baby carriage down carrying children out of editing. older baby carriages. sanitization. switching on the mud.
  • eddiema
    Nice hotel, close to the attractions and the city centre are very convenient, there is a Ferris wheel beside at night to experience, nice!
  • alps85918
    Staff special! hotel floors did not view a wall! later out of the 400 were renamed, but found five floors of rooms completely worth 980, HA HA! views of the hotel and the breakfast was great!
  • foodworm
    In the Lake, nice
  • medistone
    Friend recommended an old hotel, the mother had lived 22 years ago, when more than 200 more room than, prices are now cheaper. Rooms at the hotel at noon, staying at this handled soon, because it is added one. put away luggage and went to buy tickets at the front desk, front desk reception were very friendly, a young girl, sounds good, very Satay. turns out tickets is to go to a host of attractions changed, finally get a invoice, before he went to three city foundTickets cheaper than college student ID cards. back in the evening see the fruits, the hotel's landscape is very good, Li Hu as a whole had received eye, not far from the Ferris wheel, the landscape is very beautiful, but had time to enjoy it. Room interior finishing better than thought, thought the hotel's history is so long, Interior old; later found inside has been renovated, furniture and appliances, the bathroom looked very new. Went to the rose garden for breakfast mealsHall, 60 of the hotel buffet was cheap; species rich, Western-style food, snack fruit is missing, staff will take the initiative to send drinks and very friendly. check-out time before 12 when came back, called late check out, very smooth delay for an hour. Final thought, if I have the opportunity again to Wuxi will stay in this hotel.
  • GeForce
  • So ~ ~ ~ ~
    Hotel location very better, away from Liyuan very near, afternoon shopping a Liyuan, face lihu Lake eat finished dinner, side Shang is Ferris round Park, night of views is beautiful, sat sat Ferris round, play play rotating Trojans, daughter play high has, actually said than Korea Lotte World entertainment field. staying administrative Lake King room, looked out of views very better. has is second times staying, satisfaction.
    Lake view room is super nice, with MOM and dad, they are happy to
  • iaoyangd
    Very satisfied! next time will stay
  • gowin
    Good location, beautiful environment!
  • e02433344
    Poor poor poor, room is small, taste great
  • liyue1116
    Locations away from urban far, around didn't what eat of, a article road pass to Taihu Lake, quiet, enough luxury, took room card can to swimming pool swimming, but owned swimming clothing, facilities Basic are has, TV content is General, this is so-called 4 star above hotel of problems, TV content General to Centerless wants to see. night shut lamp Hou, found window of views is good, 15 floor above of, led to I a night didn't pulled curtains sleep. General for worth recommended!
  • p_125468
    Help people book, it should be good, five star
  • andybear
    Helping friend, say, nice nice
  • e00248956
    Which is very nice
  • FR_LC
    Good location and watch the beautiful scenery of the Lake from the hotel.
  • cc200569
    Hotel on in Taihu Lake side landscape first-class, but was no smoke-free room, requirements two times do smoke-free processing still indifferent, room in full with smoke smell, coming, also effect mood, as a five-star of hotel, to interests to smokers compromise and damage not smokers of interests, not understanding, has so first-class of location and landscape advantage, if again distribution Shang first-class of service not is absolute can became Wuxi first-class of hotel? looked hotel management layer think twice.
  • butter
    Provide lake view rooms really nice, very good view, very quiet in the morning, next to the Ferris wheel but closed no less Ferris wheel on a rainy morning sat, only drawback is that the Windows could not be opened
  • RomeoLian
    Environment is super super good, super high cost performance, as long as not too high standards for service, selection is very suitable here, of course, be sure to Lake view room
  • cafeplus
    Room was spacious, clean and comfortable, the next time you will choose
  • E54683
    Hotel location very better, away from Liyuan and lihu Lake Park are is near, walk can. hotel to yuantouzhu also is convenient, door has bus can direct. room within facilities complete, clean clean, WiFi very to force, just this species room type room is is big of, but didn't approach see landscape of, window that is a blocking wall. evening has free of fruit sent to room, is is intimate. hotel of internal Park on is big, for meal walking. supporting facilities also is complete, East floor a layer has fromFee children amusement regional, with children travel of friends can select. West floor a layer has in the restaurant, we select of Kam Yuan in the restaurant, feel taste good, price slightly your, Wuxi ribs 20 block money a, Taihu Lake white fish and Taihu Lake white shrimp are is PCs. visitors can in front desk purchase scenic tickets, can offers many, this also is strongly recommended of. but shortcomings is handle staying procedures Shi, people more, speed more slow. overall also is very satisfaction of!
  • eelovememory
    In lihu Lake on the edge of beautiful. it is advisable to avoid holidays, there were too many people.
  • lxdanan
    That's good!
  • baimo2000
    Hotel location, surrounding facilities not craving of Wuxi featured snacks also needs to go, but breakfast was quite rich, worth the price of 60 Yuan
  • fanfan0525
    !;! Good one by one?!
  • joe.jiao
    Rooms at five-star hotels, enjoy the Samsung does not even have a Samsung accommodation. complaints to the lobby, lobby Manager was very good, that was the old five-star standard, then what does summer special. in any event, value for money very poor, five-star was bluffing! the next day, her husband directly we go to Sheraton Wanda!
  • gogogopeng
    Hotel is located in the Lake, beautiful environment, complete facilities, pool clean and thoughtful service, comrades living in the city here is your best choice
  • ceair620361221
    All the best, and also upgraded the room environment is great
  • susybaby
    Very good, temporary, service is very good.
  • jijiwaiwai
    Upgrades to suites-Zambia
  • rossi921
    Hotel cost-effective, good
  • e04778075
    Love the environment here
  • bb-cosjoy
    A very good environment, just on the Lake.
  • peppy203726
    Environment, good service, excellent value
  • lijieno1
    Hotel is very good, fun baby
  • freeflyapple
    Hotel services very good. There is fruit up! but the quilt is too wet the uncomfortable feel crawly insects feel uncomfortable!anyway. baby bed well I can still say to forget the poor wheelbarrow walking difficulties rooms are small
  • lileiyujuan
    All right
  • d960101jl
    Very good, superior lake view have a balcony is good. Ferris wheel when we lived in maintaining, so a bit regrettable, or at night can be more beautiful
  • flyersmile
    Environment is also good, next door is the playground, children have a happy. breakfast, hotels with baby toothbrushes and slippers, car park big enough, Deluxe Lakeview room nice ... good family fun.
  • MR. Laoqi
    Service was quite good and cleaning staff were Smiley, send birthday cake that dwell in the old building, the hardware is not very good, water is a little slow. but does not affect mood. curtains is the Lake.
  • office110_2000
    Very satisfied, senior landscape room, although it is 6, but a very good view, there is a big balcony, good, next time you choose this
  • angle2229
    Very nice, sweet, fresh fruit each day. the scenery is beautiful, in the room you can see the beautiful lake views. Hotel compared to other Lake attractions are in close proximity. restaurants dish is very rich and delicious. this trip to Wuxi is very, very good.
  • e00266434
    That's no problem
  • dongon
    Rooms old, but overall very good
  • amyangel
    Quilts are a bit thick, a little wave, changed a. other, quilt is too thick I didn't sleep well at night, good breakfast.
  • cloudriverx
    Hotel is very good, breakfast was good, kids like
  • cindy19841206
    Environment is too beautiful, next to Li Yuan, and is attached to the garden of the hotel, go to spring, rhododendrons are gorgeous, so beautiful
  • ceciliasuen
    Big room and bathroom also spacious, feeling pretty good, for a vacation.