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Wuxi Hubin Hotel is Located in the Lihu Lake scenic area in Jiangsu province, belonging to Juna Hotels Management Group Co. Ltd. , Wuxi Juna Hubin hotel is a magnificent, patchwork, leisure and business meeting hotel , which covers an area of extensive monopoly of Lihu Lake landscape attraction .
Wuxi Juna Hubin Hotel is located in Lihu Lake scenic area , besides mountain and river , boasts the beautiful and green environment.  More>>

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  • e00539387
    The hotel can also, lake view was beautiful. but needs to be in the lot, restaurant cooking levels, also allows smoking in the lobby, the room was not particularly clean
  • Pepys
    Room looks out across the scenery is good, can be clearly seen in the evening Shui Shangmo wheel lights, very beautiful. room at the top of the corridor, good sound insulation. hotels have baby's amusement park, may be the relationship between rain, amusement parks have a drip, no waiter nearby to deal with, it's kind of lacking. Hotel buffet variety is relatively small.
  • geduo
    Have always loved Lake June, breakfast is very good
  • l79855617985561
    Very good, and his colleagues, hotel buffet price is good, service is good
  • E05227220
    As an older local hotels, the overall environment. are convenient around ... just good blocking drive to attractions
  • icuis
    Second stay at, or good, looking forward to the next shoot 399 rooms
  • mf97388
    Reunion family family fun, hotel location is very good, next to gardens, and staff very good, free upgrade to a King size room, relax for the weekend are recommended, very suitable for self-driving tour.
  • luminjia
    Very good! ...
  • ftlily
    Or, as always, good!
  • BennyBennyLau
    Adjacent to the Lake lihu, beautiful environment, recommended
  • caspermiao
    Well, we always stay in this hotel
  • dorislui
    Hotel in a beautiful environment, hardware in place, the bedding is new, great, and very clean, the next time you stay
  • sjl219
    Nice room is small!
  • alionlove
    Very nice hotel, originally thought that the old hotel, facilities good, not once thought of redecorating not poor, we are lake view, nice don't say it
  • annpiaoxue
    Very pleased with hotel facilities and services, rainy day activities throughout the hotel, dining in the restaurant, taste very authentic, praised! next time here or will choose to.
  • e02250879
    Which is very nice
  • joan_teng
    Two hotel! go is because I really liked this hotel for the second time, do not say I was going anyway!
  • dindangxu
    Lake view room view invincible, positive lihu Lake, the hotel garden environment, diet is also very good, tastes authentic!
  • alicelin88
    Well, fine, price is very high, but you can accept
  • d1450
    Location is very good, is around lakes, fresh air and hotel facilities is really quite old, although the free upgrade to a suite, but the decoration of the hotel really old
  • Axinoo
    Quiet. convenient. door no supermarket, no food but very good ecological environment. rooms are slightly small ... but clean. Nice. guests can cut corners on the inside next to the Ferris wheel Park. breakfast
  • dongcscec
    Service is good, the environment is also good, but not so good sound insulation of the room could hear the next room calling. near the area, great view.
  • cyl11
    Adjacent to the Lake lihu, beautiful environment, it is recommended that
  • tiaotiao54321
    Fruits, food slightly expensive, room the bed was very comfortable!
  • idolatte
    Well, the surrounding environment is praise
  • e00748494
    Good location, free attractions. food is delicious, the Taihu lake crabs do well, good choice! recommended choice.
  • e00049715
    General, location good, the other is a bit old for!
  • jenny95541
    Yuantouzhu chongshan Gate 1 bus station to the hotel. environment, good service, clean. sent fruits and Cola Sprite. can see the Lake at night. buffet guests 1411, very rich and delicious. is satisfied with the resort.
  • e02690084
    Good, but there may be a problem, toilet, no exhaust fan, Elevator halls did not show the lift current floor
  • e03664242
    Hotel environment good, has gym, pool, children paradise, service personnel also are good, away from Ferris round, Liyuan, are is near, for a three mouth, baby also is like this hotel, room looked out views is beauty, general satisfaction. only has is let I not comfortable of is to shower Shi, pulled out plug Shi with pulled out has trace hair, health work also can again do have detailed points.
  • aiolya
    Negative feedback, negative feedback, negative feedback, negative feedback, negative feedback, negative feedback, negative feedback, negative feedback, negative feedback, negative feedback, negative feedback, negative feedback, negative feedback, negative feedback, negative feedback, negative feedback, negative feedback, negative feedback, negative feedback, negative feedback, negative feedback, negative feedback,
  • aloely
    Location good facilities for children children love the dining room service Concierge and the front desk is generally not greeted a warm lobby and the room hasn't been cleaned floor smell stay arrangements did not inform hope will be interested in.
  • AppleYIN
    A very good environment, just on the Lake, very close to Li Yuan, walking 5min
  • angel6909
    Hotel location is good, restaurant points meal taste also can. set of room has is big taste, similar Yu public bathroom that wet moldy or sewer of taste, to front desk said after for has room, but rooms service of waiter attitude is bad, a Deputy late Niang face, has been broken broken read no taste impossible has taste, let she into housing himself smell, also said didn't taste, later and said is carpet of taste, put dad gas to has, said has she two sentence, attitude only has improved. Since is five-star wineShop service going with five-star facilities, staff training, don't let individual phenomenon affecting the whole.
  • leonlewis
    Hotel is very good, excellent service, clean room, the traffic is very convenient
  • vangce
    The location is very good, bike tour around the Lake is also very convenient, hotel staff is also the hotel's excellent service attitude, see that they are really friendly to visitors, very good!
  • ffb007
    In addition to sleep night mosquito is quite good, to a water wheel can go with the room card bridges. but didn't order breakfast,
  • dantas007
    Hotel is great in the urban areas and in the middle of the attractions go downtown is convenient to the attractions are lake view to see the scenery is great, the only inadequacy is that the facility is a bit old.
  • tc310
    Great hotel, Taihu Lake was beautiful, food great, service is also excellent, recommended!
  • je061989
    Specially selected this room, great feeling! bad! is worth living, service is also very good!
  • fast006
    New 8 floor lake view room with great view at the highest levels of service, or Chang baby very happy morning swimming pool room decorated slightly around the old not eating slightly expensive
  • jiejieba
    Very good trip
  • cicilu1012
    Hotel is very good, start to worry about too much, the children can't play, it was found next to the Ferris wheel and amusement parks, children have fun. Hotel Green, walking on the Lake is very comfortable.
  • bartwang
    Nice, next time you will choose to live. Jin Yuan restaurant food tastes very good, staff hospitality, giving praise. the only fly in the ointment is the reservation booking service is not good enough, said hotel guests free of charge 15%, the last word.
  • e02440898
    Great environment, beautiful lake view, insufficient is slightly insufficient fitness swimming facilities!
  • david710928
    In a unique lakeside location. surrounded by beautiful wooded park area. Large area to walk around. View from lakeside rooms (only higher floors) is great. There are no shopping or eating facilities within walking. Must use taxi to go anywhere. Hotel porter has to call for a taxi or you have to wait for an incoming guest.
    Hotel location is very good, fun travel's second choice!
  • nanwen
    Hotel facilities in some old ones, do not have many places to eat around, the scenery
  • e00153018
    The Lake is very beautiful at night, enjoy walking in the Lake, by the Ferris wheel, beautiful!
  • ray452921
    Location is good, it is worth staying