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Wuxi Hubin Hotel is Located in the Lihu Lake scenic area in Jiangsu province, belonging to Juna Hotels Management Group Co. Ltd. , Wuxi Juna Hubin hotel is a magnificent, patchwork, leisure and business meeting hotel , which covers an area of extensive monopoly of Lihu Lake landscape attraction .
Wuxi Juna Hubin Hotel is located in Lihu Lake scenic area , besides mountain and river , boasts the beautiful and green environment.  More>>

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  • slforever
    Hotel has a good business idea, optimization services around consumers.
  • e02131190
    It's OK
  • A stroll away up to a
    Scene around the hotel is very beautiful, so, recommend lake view room
  • bb0331
    Hotel is located in the Taihu Lake scenic area, the traffic is very convenient to drive, the landscape very well, old hotels in Wuxi, a well-deserved reputation, levels of Chinese heritage 'of Suzhou, Wuxi and help' the essence of really good. West building room room was very good. East building (old building) room is too small ... the pool was great.
  • ananxxx
    Great dish tastes good!
  • sungxd95
    View was great, only with people, they will not keep up.
  • BenGordon
    Air conditioning thermal lake in good shape
  • andy7712
    The environment is very beautiful, a glimpse of Lake lihu style; the room facilities are good, service good.
  • e00519548
    To live here again
    It wasn't too bad
  • A tile floor a
    Distance is close to the scenic spot, easy to eat, drive is very hard to find a parking space.
  • angie0325
    Environment very well good times
  • e03422104
    Very good food and live play
  • dajiabeng
    Hotel let people has home away from home of feel, a door on has welcome bin active greeted, service personnel attitude are is good, see has child also active took to has baby slippers and toothbrush, room clean clean, supplies quality are is good, breakfast also is big, swimming pool adults children are play of happy, just each cabinet only a article towel, with child not enough, also didn't found other put towel of place. around landscape good, in hotel in on can play half. left of when waiter mainHand luggage to the car, thank you so much. the hotel attaches great importance to the guest experience, has continued to improve, very pleasant trip!
  • FangCat
    Overall pretty good
  • Arwen
    Very good hotel, located in yuantouzhu, near, and Li Yuan was only one minute walking distance, the hotel also has a large Ferris wheel, is particularly worth mentioning his family's Chinese restaurant, three white reputation.
  • jjy5551
    Really good, beautiful environment, excellent service.
  • j99306
    Family members said it was a good hotel
  • cicy640503
    Good in every way, this time helping my dad's College reunion book, old people are satisfied. location a bit far from the town, but car travel is convenient.
  • d00792591
    Must have optimal location; hotel are OK; night playground next door is convenient. lack of swimming pool on the second floor, a little inconvenient. elevators do not need credit card, security ...
  • dolgorae
    Very nice hotel, on the edge of the Lake, Li Yuan, the environment did not have to say, very beautiful. Chiang Kai-shek is in the hotel is said to have lived in the Villa. colleagues on a business trip to help set reflects well. breakfast variety. hotel services very good. can no longer just hope the price reduction would be better ... next time will choose. recommended!
  • jimmylarsson
    Hotel services are good, we are national daily complimentary fruits and beverages, a children's playground and cinema, it is suitable for family fun, swimming pool is very nice, the room was large and very comfortable.
  • oliver_lu
    Good breakfast, service can,
  • andrewboo
    Help upgrade Deluxe Business room, it's so beautiful! views, rooms are big!
  • tonycy
    I like this one best suite, to take a vacation every year, this time for friends, he spent three days and loved it.
  • abcfanny8813
    Good breakfast, room was good, service good.
  • denny1190
    Not the worst, only worse, speechless, rotten Home Hotel, it should be no stars
  • aerooxx
    Booking for others, is said to be bad, old hotel, but the location is, eating is not convenient, room mosquito
  • li2883212
    Hotel in great location, facing the Lake morning evening, lake-view business room to shop for free upgrade to Lake view suite, thanks! hotel services is very strong, had clothes in my room and drove away for half an hour to find, call hotel, housekeeping had put the clothes saves time for us at the front desk, excellent hotel.
  • e00070741
    Overall, the surrounding environment, from the amusement parks close. want to book buffets in the evening and were told no. from the room to the pool must go part of the way out, children pool heated adult pool a little cold. breakfast was good, although the style is not much, but tastes good. the waiter was very friendly, has quality.
  • A4 review
    Is a little old, the rest nice! popularity!
  • lona6710
    Very nice hotel
    In holiday of last days, with Shang husband and son to has trip Wuxi. because is like Liyuan, so select has lakeside hotel, was no let I regret. from railway station called rental to hotel, will was is enthusiasm of help you drive door, took luggage. access of hotel personnel will smile with to you regards, let people is pleasant. door saw has child, will has a beautiful aunt (I son words) to rod Rod sugar coax child. certainly I to mention about of is, second days night I son toLollipop, the waiter gave a piece of, but to remind the baby can't eat sugar can decay at night, haha, from a beautiful aunt, of course. Lived in East Lake view rooms, as online say, because older, East, so what facilities are generally right, but also from big viewing window is very pleasing, Ferris wheel is also in close proximity, baby Super exciting. Talk about eating right, evening and morning buffet is very good, becauseEat food varieties narrow and so does not do an in-depth evaluation, seafood, don't think, bean curd is good. and fruits to your room every day. Very convenient, hotel and several attractions are next door neighbors, slightly further if a taxi is around 20 Yuan, and many bought tickets at the hotel discounts. the only inconvenient is probably nothing near the hotel shopping and places to eat, if not in the hotel, and a taxi is out,More complex. Way said a thing, with baby eat night of buffet, put baby of chopsticks forget in restaurant in has, eat finished and to Plum shopping has is long. until night nine o'clock more only reminds to. said this baby chopsticks said your not your said cheap also not cheap, but didn't has compared trouble. He dad also didn't hold hope to asked has about hotel, didn't thought family has received good and also wash clean has, meal sense intimate. Last lived in the new millennium in Wuxi, also be the main parent brand hotelsHotel is good but the service is Curt, did not appreciate the human care. If you come again, believe that choice is Lakeside, lake view in the West building next time!
  • xiaojerry
    Environment is very good, attractions, eating is to take a taxi to the Mall
  • labella
    Garden Hotel, a beautiful environment, fresh air, and facilities.
  • laosunlao
    Live in the temporary accommodation, you can also
  • wangjun1844
    Hotel on the beautiful Lake, picturesque, hotel facilities, very suitable for a family holiday!
  • e00413087
    Rooms are small but clean and tidy, sending fruit is delicious on the table! great Chinese restaurant in the evening, Tang chef crab eat. well the eight hotels, morning walk comfortable., 6/f, the waiter special praise, good service!
  • e00160327
    Business preferred
  • muggleray
    Hardware and the Hotel lake view also. prices are reasonable. However, others boast. tip the doorman waited. 201 lemon water in the lobby.
  • EverGreenYu
    Very good! next time!
  • caifeng168
    Reservation has 2 a night, room compared hot, only heater. bathroom no handheld spent sprinkled, high a points of people are can met above fixed of spent sprinkled, enough human. with has baby, are no Baby Slippers, OK himself with has. Hotel buffet also line, worthy of this price, first days when front desk waiter also active told has has mission e, attitude is good. hope yihou has opportunities again to Shi, can free upgrade room type on good has.
  • sisimoon
    Environment is very good, quite satisfied with bedding is the room too, I'm sorry five-star hotel prices
  • affluent2008
    Very happy with service, the next time you go!
  • sween8
    OK the hotel is a bit old but nice.
  • jiangyantx
    Hotel location is very good, Li Yuan on the edge, you can enjoy the beauty of Taihu Lake. swimming pool is good, just go swimming when the water is too cold that day. There is a cafeteria on the first floor, is very good.
  • evanstar007
    Also is the price a little expensive! might account for tourism?
  • guluyi
    Nice, nice opportunity will stay in the future.
  • luxiyuan
    Hotels near lihu Lake, ten minutes ' walk to Liyuan. hotel rooms are spacious and clean, facilities are new, bathroom good, live very comfortable. breakfast 601, very rich, a two-story dining ... the only downside is the room bathroom and bedroom separated by two off of frosted glass Windows, sleep enough light insulation.
  • e00539387
    The hotel can also, lake view was beautiful. but needs to be in the lot, restaurant cooking levels, also allows smoking in the lobby, the room was not particularly clean