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Wuxi Hubin Hotel is Located in the Lihu Lake scenic area in Jiangsu province, belonging to Juna Hotels Management Group Co. Ltd. , Wuxi Juna Hubin hotel is a magnificent, patchwork, leisure and business meeting hotel , which covers an area of extensive monopoly of Lihu Lake landscape attraction .
Wuxi Juna Hubin Hotel is located in Lihu Lake scenic area , besides mountain and river , boasts the beautiful and green environment.  More>>

住客评论 6614条评论     4.7分/5分 更多
    Environment is great! good price cheap! can also sit and wash in the shower room, very user-friendly. night complimentary fruit. will stay here next time!
  • mintjuce
    Good, very convenient, health and services. was satisfied.
  • jillall2000
    Also, relatively quiet, rest well!
  • downtown
    Good environment is also very good, worth, have the opportunity to stay
  • cina226
    Nice view, quiet, high performance-price ratio
  • e01711304
    Very good! more efficient breakfast also good!
  • A1994
  • wxitong911
    699-70 five-star hotel, plus two buffet breakfast and buffet dinner, good value-for-money Ah!
  • jeremyli1980
    Although a little old hotel but nice! easy to clean
  • dorisjing
    A very good environment, lake view wonderful
  • camecn
    More convenient, but also health, business choice!
  • fellyiyi
    Good! next time
  • silex17
    Hotel good location next to Li Yuan, spent two hours in late afternoon can go well, eat by the way, and then walk in the environment of the hotel is good. the Lake House Lake Jing Chao praised. facilities at the hotel services are good, the next time you stay.
  • jinglinglele
    The Lake is great, service is good, room is long
  • totorocpa
    Environment is great holiday great hotel. winter vacation when you travel stay, only good impression now, to choose this in the future.
  • cloudxia
    Pretty can!
  • MR. Laoqi
    Service was quite good and cleaning staff were Smiley, send birthday cake that dwell in the old building, the hardware is not very good, water is a little slow. but does not affect mood. curtains is the Lake.
  • cici1975
    Landscape is very good
  • Adminitor
    That's good
  • yangge
    Students party to of, we set of Lake King Spa room, room is big, around landing Windows, bubble in bathtub in also can see sea, quite comfortable comfortable, feel very value! next is Liyuan, wants to Lake side walk several minutes that to. in Liyuan hotel can points Puffer eat, very of delicious, can eat to authentic of Wuxi bang dish, price compared affordable. anyway very good of accommodation experience, recommended!
  • cloudling
    Nice hotel, good room facilities!
  • faven
    Front desk chaos-to has Hou found Hall many people is because open what will-not know where can handle staying-later asked has only know-requirements of smoke-free room is has smoke room do smoke-free processing! but also is think has taste! buffet not your-but around not far on has commercial blocks is convenient drive-Hotel buy scenic votes is offers-but not too will again to has-
  • lileiyujuan
    All right
  • de2003cn2003
    Nice, the surrounding scenery, room and convenient
  • dindangxu
    Lake view room view invincible, positive lihu Lake, the hotel garden environment, diet is also very good, tastes authentic!
  • freebird617
    Great service food and the environment are very good, children don't like
    Hotel room was quite small, but the service is very good
    Season price difference is too big!
  • e05444185
    Hotel location very good facilities in place less affordable, only drawback is that the hotel's own entertainment with children only in the hotel for one night's proposal to increase parent-child project thank you
  • Cantonese
    Very good hotel, friends living comfortable, Yes, Yes.
  • leon0720
    Good location, very close to Li Yuan (up to 3 minutes to walk), assigned to the guest more, but the service was very good, the key is to buy Wuxi attractions tickets (lot of concessions), taste good, breakfast, more variety, a high price of 60 Yuan, but no time to stroll in the hotel, it is said that there are also many attractions.
  • sunny7et3
    Surrounding area nice but old rooms facilities.
  • major_tiger
    Old room facilities do not like
  • Aren4188
    Well ... choice again, the same memorable experience, and will come again.
  • anne_sun79
    Facilities are relatively old, efficiency of the reception is a bit low, the need to photocopy, front desk check in time is too long.
  • e00418247
    The room is too small, old equipment, and up to three and a half! one is nice
  • abc2262
    Hotel is located next to Taihu Lake, beautiful scenery and beautiful environment, the decoration of the hotel is elegant, health in place, to the comfortable enjoyment
  • mmandxx
    Facilities, no shop nearby. Nice, pool was a cold 28 degrees, baby will wear a swimming Cap Hotel deposit 500
  • assunfei
    This staying of Lakeside hotel in lihu Lake side Shang, landscape beautiful, terrace door because security of consider only open of is small, but can see lihu Lake landscape, very beautiful. hotel has Gallery to Lake side, sooner or later this walk, air fresh, don't has a taste. rooms facilities compared full, meet five star standard. hotel next is playground, has known as Asia second high of Ferris round, hotel has door can to, usually locked, needed please hotel staff help open. set ofBreakfast is not included in the room and need to be booked a day in advance, 60 Yuan/person, breakfast, tasty, service timely complementary foods. booking hotel, tickets and hotel from the CCTV film and TV production base, yuantouzhu is close to the scenic spot, is also very convenient for play. this time very happy, will choose the Lakeview hotel next time and recommend it to friends.
  • lalaxio990
    Five-star hotels are good, service very good, kids had a good time in swimming pool
  • abbiebabby
    Very good hotel, extremely well, and stay there again.
  • flyersmile
    Environment is also good, next door is the playground, children have a happy. breakfast, hotels with baby toothbrushes and slippers, car park big enough, Deluxe Lakeview room nice ... good family fun.
  • e02518607
    Li Yuan is close to the attractions, environment is very good, rooms at the back when we upgraded our room, next time will come again
  • joe.jiao
    Rooms at five-star hotels, enjoy the Samsung does not even have a Samsung accommodation. complaints to the lobby, lobby Manager was very good, that was the old five-star standard, then what does summer special. in any event, value for money very poor, five-star was bluffing! the next day, her husband directly we go to Sheraton Wanda!
  • e04256420
    Established five-star hotels, clean upscale
  • slforever
    Hotel has a good business idea, optimization services around consumers.
  • e02131190
    It's OK
  • A stroll away up to a
    Scene around the hotel is very beautiful, so, recommend lake view room
  • bb0331
    Hotel is located in the Taihu Lake scenic area, the traffic is very convenient to drive, the landscape very well, old hotels in Wuxi, a well-deserved reputation, levels of Chinese heritage 'of Suzhou, Wuxi and help' the essence of really good. West building room room was very good. East building (old building) room is too small ... the pool was great.
  • ananxxx
    Great dish tastes good!