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Wuxi Hubin Hotel is Located in the Lihu Lake scenic area in Jiangsu province, belonging to Juna Hotels Management Group Co. Ltd. , Wuxi Juna Hubin hotel is a magnificent, patchwork, leisure and business meeting hotel , which covers an area of extensive monopoly of Lihu Lake landscape attraction .
Wuxi Juna Hubin Hotel is located in Lihu Lake scenic area , besides mountain and river , boasts the beautiful and green environment.  More>>

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  • effie0301
    Rooms at business big bed room, very good, very comfortable, hotel buffet was delicious every morning and evening, after Taihu Lake live here.
  • gogo310
    And friends, very good, Li Yuan and his close, go out the bus, 4 stops in yuantouzhu, hotel clean and breakfast variety, very good ointment should be set can be seen in the South Lakes
  • cy181
    Old hotel, very good, good reputation.
  • emilymeng05
    Well, the environment is very good, you can accept
  • fengtianbadao
    Hotel location is very good _ from the area near, next to the children's Park, can also play in the evening, is less Inns around, ate dinner at the hotel for two days, taste, price a little expensive
  • bunny_rabbit
    It is learnt that the lagoon landscape is also good, to the warm city of Wuxi for living in the Lake. breakfast is worth performance, combining Chinese and Western, recommended for people of all ages. next time you could also consider this hotel
  • gaomingde740306
    Location a bit, nothing to go around the hotel and swimming pool locker room box is too small, also waiting, buffet non-hotel accommodation too much. overall is good, should would choose to live in the future.
  • milemama
    It wasn't too bad
  • anyongyong
    Very good
  • ljb19761001
    A very good environment, nearby shopping malls, car cleaning, to make an appointment at the front desk the next row. is around scenic spots, travel is easy ... the only inadequacy is that the signal is very poor.
  • brenda_tangtang
    Great location, high 270 degree view is to force, fitness centre with free swimming pool, Wuxi local dishes in a Chinese restaurant on the first floor the taste good, food slightly less. only regret that Taihu lake water pollution remains the same, this is people's sorrow!
  • daodao1234
    Worth living
  • liuying4545
    Really good! good surrounding environment, swimming pool, children's playground ... service with a smile, breakfast was pleasant. free upgrade room, really good value for money, must be great!
  • abc123la
    A business trip, it's OK.
  • Linxiansong
    Book friends of Wuxi Taihu hotel, perfect environment.
  • e01055050
    MMM, too
  • liguodong819
    Nice environment worth staying
  • cywl123456
    Hotel of location in lihu Lake side, around has Park and playground. environment pleasant, has Hotel lakeside eight King, is name to real return of garden Pro Lake Hotel, ancient tree name wood, history humanities are has. started price can to Vientiane City, leisure shopping catering is convenient. hotel within received paternity thoughtful has ceremony, lobby atmosphere, handle procedures quickly, is five-star hotel of high standards. room within bathroom supplies superior complete, ware quality intact. bedding quality soft. added has breakfast 60 Yuan a copies. in the Western alignWide, variety complete, Nice ... family travel is appropriate, is recommended.
  • mooliu
    Paradise can also be very good next to the room to play, is out to dinner to take a taxi, but a taxi is convenient
    Environment is great! good price cheap! can also sit and wash in the shower room, very user-friendly. night complimentary fruit. will stay here next time!
  • beyoncenana23
    Very nice hotel
  • jefflee09
    In Wuxi Hubin hotel is my first choice, the Lake, running 10 miles in the morning too comfortable ... hotels Great travel stay feel very relaxed, just like at home. like their bone China cups in the room, good taste., 9/f, has a lake view gym, surprise. building reflected everywhere lakeside tradition.
  • e01804539
    Rooms were older, taste great in a room, after you close the balcony door was almost intolerable. but the location was great, thank you arranged large room at the front desk, open balcony doors across the stunning, absolutely scenery painting. rush this dissatisfaction can endure, will stay again.
  • guluyi
    Nice, nice opportunity will stay in the future.
  • weeble
    Very good hotel, established in Wuxi five-star, great service, lovely
  • Evonne0969
    Very good. clean, great view. hardware facilities and hotel services specification. quiet ... will stay again. Why are only guests for the first time did not enjoy the free upgrade?
  • aceoface
    Good! Member preferential room the price is very affordable! breakfast good!
  • elan_an
    Nice clean rooms in the hotel restaurant taste good
  • pengyu0612
    Nice, nice
  • gpw118
  • lily609
    Service attentive, kind. great location. facilities good. breakfast is enjoyed.
  • linan0711
    Liyuan wall distance distance, service is really good, staff were very friendly, offers of free drinks and fruit in the room, best restaurants, crab was delicious, only 28 Yuan, and hotel guests can hit 85 percent ... ... Breakfast although bought 60 Yuan, but really super rich. beautiful, sitting in a daze by the Lake woman.
  • m00238994
    Hotel is very good, child like, later lived in Wuxi
  • bbxin
    Rooms at many times, very good condition, the service is also very good. very satisfied. rooms rich human, surrounding scenery, Li Yuan on the edge, open the window you can see, good service, nice! next time is preferred.
  • b1330903010
    Figure for luxury business room, new floor 12 to 22 floor, room is big, 270 degrees landing glass, has shading curtains, facilities can, rooms service personnel has courtesy, efficiency high; room TV too small, even 30 inch are didn't to; Beta can scrub of landing glass is not clean, hinder unsightly. luxury business room General for meet I on hotel rooms of requirements. East floor II floor is within window room, no bathtub, containing single early and daily fruit, facilities General, price very good, for studentsAnd contented guests. Hotel disadvantage service details, hotel doorman really makes people unable to ridicule, almost does not take the initiative to open the door, nor any help with the luggage. also you come to group Wuxi Grand Hotel Intercontinental, services will be much better, probably because of foreign management team.
  • e01342288
    The environment is very beautiful, on the Lake, on the edge of Li Yuan, the fifth, love it.
  • montaray
    Nice hotel, you can also. good hotel, you can also. good hotel, you can also. good hotel, you can also. good hotel, you can also.
  • luxiyuan
    Hotels near lihu Lake, ten minutes ' walk to Liyuan. hotel rooms are spacious and clean, facilities are new, bathroom good, live very comfortable. breakfast 601, very rich, a two-story dining ... the only downside is the room bathroom and bedroom separated by two off of frosted glass Windows, sleep enough light insulation.
  • e03793119
    Surroundings have no say ... from the several attractions are also close. the service is really good. so the staff feel good. but the room is too small. we are lake view. baby carriage down carrying children out of editing. older baby carriages. sanitization. switching on the mud.
  • eddiema
    Nice hotel, close to the attractions and the city centre are very convenient, there is a Ferris wheel beside at night to experience, nice!
  • alps85918
    Staff special! hotel floors did not view a wall! later out of the 400 were renamed, but found five floors of rooms completely worth 980, HA HA! views of the hotel and the breakfast was great!
  • foodworm
    In the Lake, nice
  • medistone
    Friend recommended an old hotel, the mother had lived 22 years ago, when more than 200 more room than, prices are now cheaper. Rooms at the hotel at noon, staying at this handled soon, because it is added one. put away luggage and went to buy tickets at the front desk, front desk reception were very friendly, a young girl, sounds good, very Satay. turns out tickets is to go to a host of attractions changed, finally get a invoice, before he went to three city foundTickets cheaper than college student ID cards. back in the evening see the fruits, the hotel's landscape is very good, Li Hu as a whole had received eye, not far from the Ferris wheel, the landscape is very beautiful, but had time to enjoy it. Room interior finishing better than thought, thought the hotel's history is so long, Interior old; later found inside has been renovated, furniture and appliances, the bathroom looked very new. Went to the rose garden for breakfast mealsHall, 60 of the hotel buffet was cheap; species rich, Western-style food, snack fruit is missing, staff will take the initiative to send drinks and very friendly. check-out time before 12 when came back, called late check out, very smooth delay for an hour. Final thought, if I have the opportunity again to Wuxi will stay in this hotel.
  • GeForce
  • boat_2_dream
    Environment is very good, room amenities, just a bit small
  • So ~ ~ ~ ~
    Hotel location very better, away from Liyuan very near, afternoon shopping a Liyuan, face lihu Lake eat finished dinner, side Shang is Ferris round Park, night of views is beautiful, sat sat Ferris round, play play rotating Trojans, daughter play high has, actually said than Korea Lotte World entertainment field. staying administrative Lake King room, looked out of views very better. has is second times staying, satisfaction.
    Lake view room is super nice, with MOM and dad, they are happy to
  • iaoyangd
    Very satisfied! next time will stay
  • gowin
    Good location, beautiful environment!
  • alita0413
    Although in Wuxi, but accompany their elderly parents staying at Grand Lake for the first time, the facilities of the hotel, services were satisfied with, especially a Deluxe Lake view room, a veritable Lake Jing Chao CHAN!