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Wuxi Hubin Hotel is Located in the Lihu Lake scenic area in Jiangsu province, belonging to Juna Hotels Management Group Co. Ltd. , Wuxi Juna Hubin hotel is a magnificent, patchwork, leisure and business meeting hotel , which covers an area of extensive monopoly of Lihu Lake landscape attraction .
Wuxi Juna Hubin Hotel is located in Lihu Lake scenic area , besides mountain and river , boasts the beautiful and green environment.  More>>

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  • e00233707
    No breakfast
  • nainiu
    Very good hotel, high cost performance, even after
  • nwlyb
    Second stay at the hotel excellent location, on the edge of Lake lihu, Star amusement park next to Taihu Lake, and Li Yuan, take a few buses to yuantouzhu. hotel restaurant is pretty good, and the price is not too expensive. service attitude is good, the room was spacious. next time you come here is the preferred hotel in Wuxi!
  • e00153018
    The Lake is very beautiful at night, enjoy walking in the Lake, by the Ferris wheel, beautiful!
  • asdcd
    All good.
  • Claire Guo small naphthalin
    Service a bit behind on
    Hotel is well located, set a price, but breakfast is not included and had to buy another. next to the old amusement park facilities, but can open the side door directly, are convenient.
  • j124wu421
    Holiday hotel, location is very good
  • ocean_man
    All are good
  • FredGuo
    OK ... ten years are like a day
  • fast006
    New 8 floor lake view room with great view at the highest levels of service, or Chang baby very happy morning swimming pool room decorated slightly around the old not eating slightly expensive
  • Abats
  • tiaotiao54321
    Fruits, food slightly expensive, room the bed was very comfortable!
  • liyue1116
    Locations away from urban far, around didn't what eat of, a article road pass to Taihu Lake, quiet, enough luxury, took room card can to swimming pool swimming, but owned swimming clothing, facilities Basic are has, TV content is General, this is so-called 4 star above hotel of problems, TV content General to Centerless wants to see. night shut lamp Hou, found window of views is good, 15 floor above of, led to I a night didn't pulled curtains sleep. General for worth recommended!
  • boat_2_dream
    Environment is very good, room amenities, just a bit small
  • atala
    Good location, very quiet, worthy of a veteran of the stars.
  • e01117503
    Five-star the price may be, is too many people caught the 5.1
    Very good very like will continue to stay
  • aca323898
    Which is very nice
  • dee34299
    Specifications and standards of five-star hotel environment is very good, breakfast excellent.
  • jesseyyuan
    Nice, for driving, because public transportation is not around to force
  • bossinee
    Lake, the environment is graceful, but these days began to have blue-green algae ... service was good, food is more expensive ... go out to eat as much as possible. the traffic is not too convenient.
  • Daisy_y
    Environment, adjacent to Taihu Lake, Wuxi in the Chinese restaurant dishes flavors. cost-effective, self-driving tour best.
  • copy2000
    Hotel location, facilities very good, service good. buffet breakfast great. but we specifically asked for non-smoking floor non-smoking room, an open room, strong smoke smell, and tenants are smoking in front, so we had to open the window, a long way away that kind of nose of smoke. the hotel should pay attention to in this regard.
  • e04520176
    Next door to where Li Yuan, Liyuan is easy. recommend lake view, you can see the Lake.
  • LMsuperman
    Quiet and comfortable, and decoration is nice, balcony with a lake view room is not to give up, but Windows wasn't wiped out
  • e00556796
    Very good, next time will stay there again
  • lx7999lx
    Very satisfied
  • Yoko ^ ^
    Beautiful location, very nice hotel, would stay
  • blue_orris
    Festive holiday, active hotel room upgrades, lihu lake view at a glance, Chinese restaurant ribs, three white, plain noodles taste very good
  • ganggang2009
    Very good hotel, enjoy the lake views ... is recommended.
  • tyuuy
    Very satisfied with fair prices, environmental service!
  • beatlestian
    Nice hotel itself also a lot of restaurants, taste can be, Jin baofang too before the Lake their home, has now moved on, renamed the treasure first, sending fruit, a large quantity of fresh, Wuxi, next to this.
  • gadfly2010
    Consultancy activities encountered during their stay, stay, breakfast, check out boom worse than imagined
  • sonmin
    Environment should be the best, rich in recreational activities
  • alex561
    Next to the Ferris wheel at night was beautiful yuantouzhu, ten dollars by taxi hotel facilities are good
  • E05227220
    As an older local hotels, the overall environment. are convenient around ... just good blocking drive to attractions
  • constance
    A very good environment, good breakfast, very quiet, for a vacation.
  • menglinmoon
    Lakeside hotel, the oldest luxury hotels in Wuxi, services, environment and food is no problem, particularly Wuxi in the Chinese restaurant sauce chop first. it is worth noting.
  • E02717794
    Room is a bit small, location is good, Windows will be able to see Li Hu, the hotel also offers a children's toothbrush and slippers, service is better, next time will come again.
  • rx783g3
    Very nice hotel next to your home
  • tanglan02
    Great location, just on the edge of the Liyuan. Taihu Lake was beautiful, and Li Yuan's views over the net your eyes. I live 20-storey rooms. stand the farther, the scenery is really good! the facilities in the hotel is quite new, big room, toilet is also great, with bath and shower. is satisfied with the stay!
  • futec001
    Help others book says is very good Oh, view, also sent the tickets to the mountain giant Buddha, it was a great
  • flybindy
    Hotel services are pretty good, especially the gym is on the Lake, very sensible ... only downside is went through the Park after the Park closed channels in advance. but this is not the responsibility of the hotel, overall praise
  • e00401841
    Grand Hubin Hotel Wuxi, location convenient, service is good, the environment is also good, for a vacation, hotel very close to Li Hu, garden-style Lake lihu, nice, hotel is on the left-hand side there is a small amusement park, most notably in the double-decker carousel and Ferris wheel, night scene is very beautiful ... worth to go.
  • cicilu1012
    Hotel is very good, start to worry about too much, the children can't play, it was found next to the Ferris wheel and amusement parks, children have fun. Hotel Green, walking on the Lake is very comfortable.
  • Irera
    All right
  • aegean0216
    Nice, lake view was beautiful, the pool was good, all in all very nice
  • lysymawu
    Hotel facilities, telling the truth is a bit old, but the terraced landscapes are the most difficult to let go of. first two were fog and haze days. this good every day, to read it through, if you can on the terrace on a swing and a coffee table, bar, while overlooking it.
  • cntj001
    A very good environment, lake view rooms facing the Lake, rain feel better.