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Wuxi Hubin Hotel is Located in the Lihu Lake scenic area in Jiangsu province, belonging to Juna Hotels Management Group Co. Ltd. , Wuxi Juna Hubin hotel is a magnificent, patchwork, leisure and business meeting hotel , which covers an area of extensive monopoly of Lihu Lake landscape attraction .
Wuxi Juna Hubin Hotel is located in Lihu Lake scenic area , besides mountain and river , boasts the beautiful and green environment.  More>>

住客评论 6399条评论     4.7分/5分 更多
  • Alex512Li
    There is a decoration in the room drop smell my head hurts a bit
  • wally99
    Feels very good, environment, services, facilities, fully furnished!
  • e01059431
    At the beautiful scenery of Wuxi hotel
  • ronron
    Hotel was great, very satisfied with everything, Taihu Lake under hazy charm of night, Sun Lake girl! big room, you can see the full lake view, really beautiful!
  • e00049715
    General, location good, the other is a bit old for!
  • wufeijie567
    Nice, quiet, especially at night lights decorated the entire hotel was very beautiful, Liyuan beautiful next door, next to Wuxi, choose here
  • lixudyp
    Multiple occupancy, Lin Liyuan, Lake, scenic. is near from the food court, amusement park on the edge of door pass-through. love will come again.
  • i Rui ray
    Lake Hotel, decorate the new, cost-effective ultra-high.
  • nngold
    Hotel Nice hotel
  • e00300937
    19 floor lake view is really good, you can see a lot of beauty in the hotel and very quiet, intimate hotel management services, you can also buy discount travel tickets, recommended!
  • Bing Wang
    Location in the city center, eating what inconvenience, next to the Ferris wheel, hotel is very good, worthy of Star
  • AnoleCrab
    From the attractions close environment.
  • office22
    Environment is very good, hotel is old, obsolete facilities
  • e00029684
    Hall is a modern decoration, free upgrade to Lake view superior room at the front desk, indoor facilities are elegant, Lake in bed in the morning is very nice, breakfast variety, West, out of Li Yuan, is fresh in the morning, definitely five-star again.
  • e04778075
    Love the environment here
  • leedan13
    This is the second stay, start with the good place location, landscape, edge is on the Ferris wheel, and Li Yuan, suitable for holiday family activities. The hotel features a restaurant, live here because of the rain, many meals are in the inside to eat, food very good. Western General, breakfast is generally, in line with the four-star to five-star standards, but has not featured a smaller range. Went on to ridicule it is living in the room of the new building,Guan Lian on wireless, but the signal strength is poor on every level. in the hotel lobby and restaurant, wireless Internet speed obviously improved. now travel, wireless signals and the Internet speed is also a key factor, hope can be improved.
  • bacardi_claire
    Worthy of five-star hotel, student discounts, great
  • e01815167
    Lake King room price not cheap, but no has balcony, window glass and didn't wipe clean, so photo gray. room internal decoration old. wins in away from attractions near. and hotel lobby on has offers tickets sold, is is convenient. do has Raiders, know should sent welcomes fruit and children toothbrush and the children slippers, playing has times phone urged finally sent to has. dinner a floor buffet mass reviews day buy has buy coupon and scheduled, than stay guest offers price also cheap, can a eat, children paradise is small112 years old babies can play. breakfast is cheap, the quality is also good, hotel booking in Yangshan peach, 138 Yuan a box of 12 authentic. feel free to play nice.
  • e01999324
    Very good facilities in the new building. scenery are beautiful. breakfast 60 Yuan per person, it's good rich, room gave them fruit.
  • d01012665
    I read reviews I have chosen here, turns out to be a very good choice. the hotel and the integrated environment of wuli, stretch early in the window, baby from MOM and dad to go in a circle, are worth trips with choice hotels ... highly recommend and come again.
  • labonita
    Hotel restaurant was very good, room is clean and big enough, and very satisfying.
  • leonlewis
    Hotel is very good, excellent service, clean room, the traffic is very convenient
  • li_albert
    Very good hotel, but the room without view
  • ludong121
    Very good.
  • annguan
    That's good
  • e01244424
    External environment and the room was good, small lobby
  • liutian34567
    Nice, gastroenteritis had made, bought drugs at the hotel, call to your room, price is very cheap!
  • alice9001
    The location was excellent, breakfast, but noodles cost can still
  • E01833354
    Staff were very friendly, breakfast varieties, is recommended.
  • gaomingde740306
    Location a bit, nothing to go around the hotel and swimming pool locker room box is too small, also waiting, buffet non-hotel accommodation too much. overall is good, should would choose to live in the future.
  • dosli
    Hotel environmental elegant, convenient, warm and thoughtful service, food is delicious ... next time I go to Wuxi will choose you.
  • felicia1031
    All were very good, worthy of a hotel around fun fit for a vacation in the past
  • e04729495
    Booked a Deluxe SPA room lake view, lake view on three sides, the landscape very well! knew we had our BABY, intimate and got us a room. bathroom large tub bath looking out of the window of the Ferris wheel, fried chicken was great! opportunity will come later!
  • avaya818
    Great scenery, open a window looking directly at Li Hu and Li Yuan's views. next to the Ferris wheel. breakfast is very rich, Wuxi dishes in a Chinese restaurant is recommended.
  • isoglosses
    Very nice hotel but a bit far
  • Alina1314
    Nice. service is very good.
  • J_aPpLe
    Nice hotel close to yuantouzhu-around to eat too little
  • undercover0706
    Heard that used to be the reception's dedicated hotel. the Lake we view Spa room, surrounded by large glass around, quite comfortable, very value! is next to Li Yuan, want the Lake to walk a few minutes. Hotel Jin Yuan restaurant is good, you can eat authentic Wuxi serving food, prices are more affordable. all in all very nice stay, seriously recommend!
  • Rinoa
    All right
  • dengwei1974
    The environment is good!
  • juliuseven
    Particularly good environment and as a garden, see beautiful every day inside the room and send fruit
  • baby little fat boy
    Service good, satisfactory.
  • A3 baby
    Nice hotel, see child sent children's toothbrushes and slippers. the hotel has a children's playground can call the front desk to open the door on the past is easy!
  • coco0710
    good good
  • Jessica_0118
    Contemplation is very good, large French Windows on both sides of the room, facing the Ferris wheel, field is great
  • g0201288
    Nice hotel, service is also very good, beautiful surroundings.
  • sw_xd
    Very nice scenic Taihu Lake
  • contact0918
    Hotel facilities
  • gm00d
    Travel easy
  • foodworm
    In the Lake, nice