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Enjoy quick and easy, one-stop meetings and banquet services, Lake Hotel, starting from the selection!

To provide advanced conference facilities, full follow-up one-stop service. Here, we understand that your meeting is not a simple gathering of the Organization's activities, Therefore, we simplify the process for you at the same time, supplemented by a range of professional services and portfolio of concessions, to meet your needs n different sessions, allows you easily complete the various types of intellectual collisions. Large column-free ballroom lake hall 1500 square meters, ceiling height 7.5 meters, can accommodate 1,000 people at a time, or 1200 people at a meeting. which is Wuxi's largest ballroom and conference rooms ,and can be used whole or separated..

Other 25 conference room have different sizes, providing the meeting or event related facilities and equipment and extension services.

Venues Details

Lakeside Hall No. 12F(B)200250W120,L15012040030015.9*27.7440-6-7.5
Lakeside Hall No. 22F(B)200250W120,L15012040030019*27.7526-6-7.5
Lakeside Hall No. 32F(B)200250W120,L15012040030017.2*27.7476-6-7.5
Lakeside Hall2F(B)600750300300850100052.1*27.71440-6-7.5
Taihu Lake Hall1F(A)-230150120350-24.7*17.34307*3.75--7
Taihu Lake Hall East1F(A)-807060120-15.94*15.52474.8*2.23-4.5
Multi-function hall inner1F(A)-908060120-14.7*13.51805.3*2.63.5
Multi-function hall out1F(A)-30302450-7.5*13.5905.5*1.73.5
Magnolia hall1F(A)-30302450--816*0.92.53
Convention Center Hall A2F(A)-908060140--1806.6*2.62.8
Convention Center Hall B2F(A)-30302450--803.4*2.62.8
Convention Center Hall C2F(A)-18181530--503.4*2.32.8
Convention Center Hall D2F(A)--16----30-2.8
Convention Center Hall E2F(A)--14----30-2.8
8th Conference Room8F(A)--16---7.1*6.8507*0.82.5
10th Executive Lounge meeting room10F(B)--12----506*0.9-
Peony Hall1F(B)-50504060---5.7*0.8-
Plum Hall2F(B)-303024-408*8.467.26*0.92.53
Orchid Hall2F(B)-303024-408.6*8.976.546*0.92.53
Bamboo Hall2F(B)-303024-407.6*8.363.086*0.92.53
Chrysanthemum Hall
2F(B)-----2011 *6.875.14-2.53