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City leaders and citizens to open the subway trip together

Date: 2014-07-02

Yesterday, is a doomed to load the day of wuxi city development history.Opened "wuxi metro line 1 and start train journey!"At 9 am 20 points, as the standing committee of the provincial party committee, party secretary cathleen new traffic instructions, wuxi urban traffic into the "metro" from now on.Just a few minutes after the opening ceremony, city leaders and citizens with joy the subway starting journey together.
Misty rain jiangnan, filar silk rain stop people's yearning and enthusiasm in the subway.At 9 am, metro line 1 citizen center has been gathered eagerly waiting to citizens, the atmosphere in a festive mood.
Enter the gate, a small piece of open space is the subway opening ceremony.Reporter discovery, in addition to a celebrate the opening of the red banner, not red carpet shop, do not place a flower, also did not cut the ribbon, delivered a speech, such as red tape, the whole opening ceremony simple and grand, a fresh wind.
At 08 9 points, city leaders came to citizen center control room, early understanding in preparation for starting the vehicle, condolences to the station security personnel."Thank you for your contribution to the cause of the subway, I hope you with more excellent service to create good conditions for people to travel."Huang Lixin short in other words, the warm presence of staff."Leadership, please rest assured that we will complete operational security mission!"A firm answer won the praise of people present.
The control center, please report the site readiness!""Wuxi metro line 1 the party pioneer 0101 train ready!"In the video can see clearly that are miles apart long wide creek station, starting train ready to go.Along with the instructions issued, the train slowly pulled out from here.
At 28 points, the train arrived in citizen center.City leaders and was invited to the starting of more than 100 subway line builder, "wuxi good man", the new citizens and the broad masses of ordinary citizens on the new train together."No. 1 online how many drivers?"Emergency measures how to ensure?......Got on the bus, with cabin crew and citizens around the subway Huang Lixin topic talked, the carriage was busy.Head driver, said BaoYun, starting train launch achieve "party XianFengGang" service activities, we should strive to build wuxi metro "red" train.Huang Lixin after listen to encourage them to be pioneer pioneer of safety in production, service for the people.Will go to, at the end of a site, a group of people, more and more people are compartment.Huang Lixin with the surrounding public enthusiasm greeted, shook hands and had a cordial conversation, ask everyone to the feeling of the subway.Lives in qinyuan area of de-chang zhang said excitedly: "the subway line 1 to open before, I use the old lived for more than 50 years in gu lane, subway construction demolition and greatly improved the living environment of my home!"
Run all the way, all the way to listen to, the scene tells the story of their and wuxi metro.
After ten minutes, taihu square station, city leaders and citizens together out of the subway station, came to "city living room".After "to the great hall of the people come to the meeting, can directly take the subway to come over from the citizen center, both low carbon and fast!"Mayor Wang Quan pointed to the adjacent to the great hall of the people said, everyone laughed merrily.
Train in March, the taste of happiness flowing in everybody's heart...