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In 2012, wuxi hubin hotel held the second service skills contest successfully

Date: 2012-12-06

On November 21, 2012, wuxi prince hotel group to the second service skills competition in its person came to a lake hotel.Competition in wuxi city by the sasac, city federation of trade unions, city people club bureau, the municipal tourism administration bureau, wuxi person came to the hotel group, is a high standard and professional municipal competition.This competition is to prince hotel group in the eighteenth big victory at a launch service skills athletic activities, it is to implement the construction of municipal party committee and the city government "four wuxi" requirements, improve star hotel staff skill level of important measures, help to accelerate the tourism service skill talented person troop construction pace.

In September 2000, is called "China van gogh" wu guanzhong old man stayed hubin hotel, the wild secular masters for hotel rich culture breath, make an exception moved for lakeside hotel writing "the lake be reluctant to part I hope you to" the inscription - this encounter created a "gentleman" this beautiful name, and bear witness the birth of a vibrant national enterprise's rise.

As the Yangtze river delta region famous national hotel management brand, wuxi person came to the hotel group stock in wuxi hubin hotel, in the early 1970 s, it started to hotel management, always lead local high star hotel service level.Thirty years of sincere operation, forging the gentleman to hotel group "sincere, to good, to the beautiful" enterprise culture, setting the "respect for the customer, service first" business philosophy.On the international market, the development of the brand "strategy, jun to hotel group continue to expand the market, and gradually developed into a top jiangsu province in east China, with a fairly large and influential state-owned hotel management group, now has wuxi hubin hotel, wuxi taihu hotel, wuxi jun to intercontinental hotel, wuxi jun and the hotel, wuxi LiangXi hotel in wuxi city, the great hall of the people, wuxi taihu treasure Fang, wuxi jun to square, a number of other wholly owned and holding, management enterprise.n to hotel group service skills contest is held once every two years, the first competition in August 2010, held in jun to and influence the industry.Compared with the former Olympic Games both inheritance and development, in the event that the diversity of at the same time, and further improve the staff participation, in scale and level are beyond the.For this competition from this April, the more than 1400 employees involved in the preliminary selection, after the enterprise, and finally 114 players entered the Chinese cooking, western cooking, Chinese pastry, western dessert, restaurant service, room service, front office services, flower arrangement, engineering technology, and security for the last ten projects.In order to fully reflect open, fair, fair competition principle, the judges of the game are external staff, including national judges and name, provincial judges 13, and each project set up the prison a trial.The competition as the scope of the honor, the level GaoWeiJun to hotel group the most, the winners will be awarded city federation of trade unions awarded "wuxi labor medal", "wuxi May 1 female pacesetter", "wuxi 51 innovation expert";City people club bureau awarded "wuxi technology expert", city tourism bureau awarded "wuxi travel star hotel service star" honorary title.Jun to group in order to promote, further stimulate the staff of studying business, improve skills, striving for the top work enthusiasm, and to the construction of the "four wuxi" to make new contribution.The second service skills contest held, a person came to the hotel group staff theory and operation combined with learning boom.Contestants adhere to the "than technology, show elegant demeanour, tree image, promote service" competition purpose, with superb service skills, elegant style of game, comprehensive quality, show the gentleman to "sincere, to good, to the beautiful" cultural connotation and jun to brand of infinite charm. jun, a variety of styles of hotel for customer choice, meeting DuJiaXing hotel - jun to hubin hotel, China best garden hotel, jun to taihu hotel, business hotel, jun to intercontinental hotels, ecological hotel, the prince and the hotel, the best city garden hotel, LiangXi hotel, etc., and the great hall of the people, "water palace" treasure Fang taihu lake, bring customer culture art and the tip of the tongue on the feast.Lineage century "food in the lakeside, reputation ManJiangNa" tradition, jun to food is famous throughout the country to wuxi meat bones, wuxi small cage, crystal shrimp, ginger dipping white as a representative of "gentleman to eight food", presented the wuxi food essence, jun to lakeside hotel fishing club is wuxi top catering business card.