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The lakeside hotel thank-you note

Date: 2011-08-05

Thank-you note the original:

Respect your hotel leadership:

Today I to you reflect a thing, to recognize the expensive unit staff noble moral character, things after is this: yesterday evening, I come to your hotel swimming, return to a home a few hours after that, on the gold jewelry is not complete, the in the mind is very worried. Hold try idea, I give your hotel club dozen telephone, the phone male comrade listen to me reflect the situation, write down my phone number, and I'll try to find tell, not how long, the gay phone back, he told me that women's locker room administrator aunt find my gold jewellery. A call, I know I went gold jewellery, really makes me be overjoyed. Your hotel is not only a beautiful environment, and the staff usually dress neatly, the work is earnest, polite to customer, through this thing I am more feel your store staff the beauty of mind, the service is supreme, the noble qualities of credit with your unit the leadership of education and management is not divided, the said to you highest tribute, but also to don't know the name of the phone gay and female guests dressing room administrator aunt (like is the family name chapter) says deep thanks! The social civilization and progress each one of us has a responsibility, civilization and progress of social fashion also allows us to every member of society benefit, I and my surrounding friends will learn from you, completes the labor of duty, let us wuxi become a real mountain the United States, water the United States, a person beautiful city of civilization.

Thank people: zhang