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Jun to intercontinental hotel 'definition wuxi costly new height'

Date: 2011-07-20

Along with the municipal party committee of the 11th ten times the plenary session held around the municipal government proposed construction wuxi "tourism service city", "high-tech city" to strongly promote the development of services beyond the wuxi makes tourism leisure, business exhibition, industrial design, film and television culture, makes the world-class, national characteristic industry base target, jun to hotel group's king to intercontinental hotel staff have a boiling passion, seize the wuxi modern great development opportunity, jun to intercontinental hotel realized as the government key projects his own shoulder social responsibility and sense of mission.

Jun to hotel group is wuxi national brand, is the most successful local and set popularity and reputation in one hotel management group, in wuxi service reception areas take the rag off, the group in order to continue to become bigger and stronger person came to brand, with international standards, improve the whole level of service of wuxi, the introduction of the world's largest hotel management group - intercontinental hotels group; Intercontinental hotels group in more than 100 countries and regions have, operation and management of the hotel has more than 4470 home, hotel guest room more than 651000 rooms, including intercontinental brand is intercontinental hotels group's most top luxury brand, with 60 years of management and operation experience, the aim is to make the guest the most loved outstanding hotel, low-key costly special experience. Intercontinental brand in wuxi itself define the wuxi costly new height mission.

Wuxi jun to intercontinental hotel is located in the small lujiazui CBD core area known as the taihu lake square, hand in hand person came to group's great hall of the people in east China make the biggest, strongest and most authoritative international conference center and business activities of the reception aircraft carriers. The hotel by the world-famous design company Los Angeles HBA elaborate design, costly style in jiangnan delicate; 400 rooms for the guests tailor-made, 45 square metre of the large space, 22 layer to 37 layers of ultra-high visual enjoyment, all have a bird's eye view of taihu plaza. 7 layer to 20 layer is so-called "taihu plaza CBD business first class" grade a office; 8 the different style restaurants and bars will provide guests with the best quality products the different style dishes, and combined with the local dishes characteristics; The "SENSES feeling" restaurant has the largest collection of all over the world of wine and the most top FaCan steak; Wu yue a number by cooking boundary devil of a genius LiangZiGeng by Mr As f &b consultant, and manages the creative cantonese cuisine and classic huaiyang dishes; Diurnal buffet restaurant in the city with the most choose international flavors, and both 15 interactive demo kitchen for your appraisal; And from Tokyo chef mission valley a Mr. "flavors" kwai "restaurant; The hotel is located in 6 layers of leisure and entertainment center have Italian luxury brand of "OLOS SPA", gym, swimming pool, hairdressing center, foot bath sauna facilities.

Special excellent hotel brands and facilities, the world first-class delicacies, perfect combination of intercontinental hotels "in-depth insight" service, undertake foreign investment in wuxi city of Windows, wuxi stateroom mission. Wuxi jun to intercontinental hotels will define wuxi hotel costly new height!