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Wuxi hubin hotel: each staff are regarded as precious guests

Date: 2010-07-23

China JingJiWang wuxi July 23-30 years of history, jun to - hubin hotel experience the luxuriant disintegration, 30 years of history culture, hotel with "sincere, to good, to beauty" service concept to forge a foreign window industry in wuxi city a shinning pearl of, it is shine because have a team with high quality, specialized technology, service first-class staff, if lihu lake scenery is the gift of god, then and lakeside common progress employees is lakeside harvest's best wealth. The hotel every employee as a precious guests, internal guests, the hotel is not only for external guests to provide good service, but also for the hard work of employees "service". Humanity, people-oriented, has been with the hotel business philosophy be in harmony is an organic whole.

Staff training - good into the shop first lesson

Hotel attach importance to new staff induction training, and adopt new methods, new ideas, the use of two days of new employees are relatively system into the job training, in addition to let employees know know relevant rules and regulations, the more the hotel each department and operation situation have a comprehensive understanding, at the same time on the job training of promoting the staff's service consciousness and skills, and as far as possible let new employees after induction training later in the shortest time into the new environment.

For employees to create a warm and comfortable environment

As long as in the lakeside staff restaurant can see beautiful scenery - employees love ambassador, they will be on your the meal to provide service, and to remind you not to waste food, to become a good citizen to form modern ecoethics know.

The construction of the learning staff, improve quality

The hotel staff to pay attention to their own quality of ascension that has been around to build up a learning team theme, actively carry out various forms of learning activities, and continuously improve the overall quality of staff. Advocate everyone when the teacher, everyone do the students. Staff hard skills, learning spread table, beautification table, provide gold idea, for low carbon management of zhenhai, actively carry out post skill and operation training and competition, in wuxi tourism administration held's growth, promoting development, building 11th five-year plan labor contest, Chinese style table, Chinese style make the bed game are employees have won the first prize.