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For the same journey, the WeChat payment is used to pay points of 600 points or more.

Date: 2020-06-06

On the evening of June 3, WeChat finally officially launched the WeChat payment sub-function.

In January 2018, WeChat launched Tencent's credit service and conducted internal testing across the country. WeChat payment requires specific scenarios to open the entrance. At present, WeChat payment points have been fully opened. Users only need to enter WeChat-Me-Pay-Wallet-Payment Points to open and check their payment points for free.

As early as last year, the WeChat payment sub-test period reached the relevant cooperation with WeChat payment. Based on the WeChat payment sub-credit system, it provides consumers with first-to-live payment, no deposit at the store, no check for the room without leaving the store. Queuing and other hotel reservation services make the check-in experience more efficient and easier. With the full opening of WeChat payment points, the coverage of the "three free" services of hotels traveling on the same journey will increase significantly, and more users will be able to enjoy this service conveniently.

It is understood that when consumers book hotel products marked with the "flash" label through the "hotel", "train ticket" entrance, and "same journey" applets paid through WeChat, if the score is above 600 points, You can enjoy the services of "first live and pay later, no deposit at check-in, no room inspection at check-out, and no queue".

The WeChat payment score is based on WeChat payment big data, based on the individual's identity characteristics, payment behavior, credit history and other conditions, a comprehensive score of personal credit. At present, WeChat Pay has opened more than 1,000 related services, covering multiple scenarios such as accommodation booking, travel transportation, shared rental, shopping and entertainment, and life services.